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Motivational /inspirational Speaking

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Sofia Nordgren

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Sofia Nordgren
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Here you can choose a motivatioal,inspirational speach. 

You can hire me:

Contact me for  more information on:


"Different subjects and areas"

  •  *Sustainable health
  • *Lower sickleaves
  • *Increase energy
  • *Increase motivation
  • *Improve sleephabits
  • *Find, increase your passion
  • *Food,nutrision
  • *Excercise
  • *positive mindset
  • *balance work life/free time
  • *handle stress
  • *increase find your creativity,passion
  • *Pursue your dreams
  • *business development
  • *Adoption

You can choose how long you like the speach to be or if it should be Physical, live, digital, online video.

The price depends on the lengts and other specific details.

You can choose how long you like it to be for instance:

-30 min

-1 hour

-2 hours




-7 hours


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