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Sofia Nordgren

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Sofia Nordgren
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"Different subjects and areas"

  •  *Sustainable health
  • *Lower sickleaves
  • *Increase energy
  • *Increase motivation
  • *Improve sleephabits
  • *Find, increase your passion
  • *Food,nutrision
  • *Excercise
  • *positive mindset
  • *balance work life/free time
  • *handle stress
  • *increase find your creativity,passion
  • *Pursue your dreams
  • *business development
  • *Adoption

Sofia Nordgren biography health

Sofia is the CEO for a Lifestyle + program, a company that specializes in employee wellbeing. Through experiential lectures, coaching sessions and workshops she teaches around the important cornerstones; energy management, mindset management, communication in relations and physical wellbeing. By focusing on the individual, companies can get better results and more productivity as well as precede sickness among employees. My passion is working for a sustainable health with holistic approach. My background is in medicine and I started out as a nurse. I have been a consultant in the healthcare business for over 25 years. Through this I have gotten insights from hundreds of work environments and have experienced first-hand how lacking routines, stress, unstructured systems and failing communication affects the employees and the work environment. The result is often the same, increased absence due to sickness, low motivation and absenteeism, and many without a passion. You have the responsibility to know when you can manage your health and when it’s time to use external expert as an coach or mentor. Create your own tools to manage your health it is quite hard to accomplish due to it is complexity. This means knowing when you are close to being burnt-out know the different when you are on the edge on the high and the edge on the low. Health is about controlling and having insight in sleep, a balanced life, good diet, physical exercise, breathing, mind-set, relationships, having passions and managing energy. During the many years working as a nurse consultant I experience how being burnout and lacking support and advice from the health clinic. After a period of rehabilitation, she went back to work, only to become sick again, I went back to my old pattern. This made me explore and educated myself within health, personal development .I created a success formula, strategy which I share with other. Helping individuals and companies create better work environments, lasting health, better results and pursue your passions and dreams. I’m not afraid of trial and error and believe there are no failures, just different learnings towards your success. Sofia is a product of her own system. Sofia is not a typical inspirational speaker. She has a presence which captures the audience in an outstanding way and she has the ability to inspire to a new mind-set through unique storytelling with elements of stand-up-comedy, interactive exercises and dancing. Sofia has been a moderator/program host in the City Hall in Sweden(where the Nobel price is held), international speaker, I done stand-up –comedy in Sweden, Berlin, New York, been in different TV-shows in Sweden, short movies, I been interviewed in radio, Grand Hotel, I am dancing Bollywood, burlesque. I was published in different social media such as Huffingtonpost, women entreprenenur, Svenk Damtidning. Sofia’s vision A world of happy, sustainable healthy businesses, CEOs, employees who live according to their passion and dreams. We are supporting, loving and generous to each other. My webpage: E-mail: Different videos introducing me and my business: Sofia Nordgren short businessintro: Sofia Nordgren is a moderator/program host in the city Hall: Sofia Nordgren short intro business, share your gift: Sofia Nordgren is acting in different TV-shows, shortmovies. Sofia Nordgren is dancing short summery: Sofia Nordgren is doing standup-comedy:

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